How to Get a Successful Mark for Microsoft Exam 70-533?

How to Get a Successful Mark for Microsoft Exam 70-533?

As long as you know to manage your time efficiently, preparing for a test need not be stressful. But how does this ‘studying efficiently’ work when you prepare for a rather challenging certification exam like Microsoft 70-533?

No need to stress yourself still because you’re bound for a successful mark if you take heed of this detailed prep guide.

Imperative things you need to know before you start

Microsoft Az-400 - Download 70-533 is the take to test for those who want to develop their skills in implementing Microsoft Azure infrastructure solutions. The test itself isn’t categorized as an entry-level Microsoft exam, hence it caters to those with, at least, familiarity of Azure solutions, including hybrid and application lifecycle supervision.

Another important reminder when taking the exam is its validity. In 2018, Microsoft presented a new pool of certifications that are intended to replace old, theory-based credentials. The latest Microsoft certifications are now role-centered, which means these are designed with a specific job role on hand. For Microsoft 70-533 that ushers you towards various certifications, including MCSA and MCSE, it will soon be switched to Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. And this new job-based exam is credited once you pass its corresponding exam AZ-103.

Regarding the details of the exam, you’ll know the exact number of questions only on exam day, not prior. They vary from 40 to 60 and you’ll have 2 hours to complete them. So, what you need to do is to manage your time perfectly to tackle all the exam questions. The Microsoft AZ-103 exam will cost you $165.

Now that you know these things, let’s go back to your main goal, which is getting a successful mark.

Prepare yourself physically, mentally, (and financially!)

Before you get yourself busy, make sure you are more than ready to prepare for the exam. And when we say ready, this includes your physical capability, mental readiness, and of course, financial availability. All these must go hand in hand so that you’ll have a smooth sailing prep journey. If you believe you’ve got these three, then it’s time to begin the initial phase.

Be acquainted with the exam outline

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you start preparing for the exam. You can go about with the exam outline first with the aid of the prep video for Microsoft 70-533. This short yet compelling video is such a useful instrument to give you a glimpse of what lies ahead of your exam journey. This includes the outline of the exam topics as well as the list of skills and benefits waiting upon your exam completion.

Dig deep with the exam objectives

Once you get an idea of the exam topics and all other key features and function of the exam, don’t waste any time and pursue the challenging track of topic deliberation. As the second phase of the preparation, this stage is pretty much tough because you need to cover a lot of Microsoft Azure topics, which are not just limited to cloud solutions but everything in between.

And for you to encompass all the core subjects, Microsoft makes available a series of training courses separately. These training courses cover Microsoft Azure topics such as virtual machines, virtual networks, storage strategies, identities, security, recovery services, and operations.

Avail of the 5-day training

The online training courses, however, may not be enough to fill you in with insightful knowledge. That’s where this 5-day instructor-led training comes in. This proctored session is one of the most functional ways to ensure you incorporate all topics into your knowledge bank. With the support of a professional instructor, the course itself keeps an eye on the official exam guide.

Furthermore, you need to take into account the duration of this training, which is only five days. Because of the limited time, there’s no room for slacking off. Keep your focus each day so you won’t miss any crucial topic that you can utilize on both your exam and professional career.

Take as many practice tests as you can

Don’t dwell on one practice test. Replicate your knowledge by taking several practice tests. And if you’re looking for the best mock exams for Microsoft 70-533, you won’t be disappointed with Microsoft’s official practice test. Since this is created by the exam provider itself, there’s a higher chance of having one to two questions in the real exam.

Another impressive source of exam files for exam 70-533 is PrepAway. Bursting with different exam dumps, this website is definitely a practical way to elevate your skills. Simply download your preferred file with questions and answers, together with the exam simulator. From there, you’ll be able to answer almost the same exam questions under a timed condition. To guarantee proficiency, put your books away and consider the time limit. Then, reflect on the errors you made in the practice tests and work on them efficiently. This way, you modify your weak points into assets. So when you take the exam, you’ll be comfortable because you’ve studied these challenging questions before.


Preparation is the key strategy to avoid exam anxiety. No one wants to blank out during a super important certification exam, right? To make all your sacrifices worth it, take these tips by heart. Remember that taking a Microsoft exam or any other test is not an assessment of how much topics you’ve covered but rather on your ability to put your skills into action. So, study not to get a successful mark but instead study to learn and perform. The IT world isn’t an easy one. It can be both fascinating and challenging; it is filled with endless challenges that you need to compete with constantly. But with the help of IT certifications like Microsoft, you can soar high and aim higher.

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