Top 9 Highest Paying Certifications in 2019 to be Ready with Examsnap

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Top 9 Highest Paying Certifications in 2019 to be Ready with Examsnap

A certification that gives justice to your hard-earned knowledge and skills is a piece of good fortune in your career. With the most ideal industry-standard and high-paying certifications on your lap, your career is just as secured as it should be. Yet, benefiting from these well-paying credentials, of course, has its price. To meet each certification’s respective requirements, there are days and nights where you just have to burn the midnight oil or even go for broke.

So, without further stretching this talk, let us hop on to the certifications that will secure your job’s salary. In no particular order, these are IT’s current top-paying credentials you better look out for in 2019.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute’s very own PMP certification is a catch for many to-be and current project managers. Besides the fact that it is globally acknowledged by prestigious companies, this credential is a career-booster on many levels. Your bread and butter happen to be one of the areas that this top-paying certification nurtures. Because of their capacity in carrying the paramount responsibilities of a project manager, PMP holders receive high income. Thus, according to Payscale website, the average salary of the PMI PMP certified professional is about $104,000. Of course, the credentials of emerging project managers must be on par with the standard the field of Project Management already has. Thus, interested professionals planning to earn this certification must show excellence in both PMP training and exam.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

The continuous rise of cloud architecture signals the surge of organizations seeking for the best-equipped professionals in performing tasks related to cloud technology. Companies these days know the value of a GCP Cloud Architect in contributing their cloud skills to their organization and to develop more reliable cloud architecture, in general. This explains why Cloud Architects and other cloud-related positions related to this certification are well-paid. No truer words have been spoken, indeed - Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is a certification you can bank on the progress of your career. Payscale website states that the annual income of such specialists is about $128,418.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

As the field of Cloud proceeds to expand through the years, the production of professionals gaining their own AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate has also soared. The market is in constant demand for certified architects who hold a holistic understanding of AWS solutions. Your expertise must encompass on effectively designing systems on AWS along with deploying applications on AWS technologies, to mention a few. Thus, one of the best paying credential you can get is AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate by Amazon. Having this credential, you can earn $108,000 per year.

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

Individuals who are CGEIT certified are backed with expertise in enterprise IT governance. Considering the industry’s throbbing pulse for individuals with enterprise IT skills, this certification is generally pursued in the market. Organizations are aware of how competent a CGEIT possessor is in the sphere of enterprise information technology governance. Thus, hiring a certified Isaca CGEIT professional, the organization gains both an employer with top-notch governance skills and increases its value as an enterprise. To mention the annual salary that the certified specialists get, the numbers vary from 86,476 to 162, 572. Still, the average salary per year is about $140,000.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

The next top certification that perfectly fits the professional needs of a Scrum Master is the Certified Scrum Master by GAQM. CSM is the credential that altogether binds the skills and knowledge of an individual in practicing foundational Scrum learning, Agile practices, as well as leading and relating with other Scrum Team members. With this credential, you are able to operate software projects, products as well as application development. Being a certified CSM professional you can earn annually $88,811, and note, that it’s not the limit.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

A combination of your deep-seated knowledge and hands-on experience in dealing with AWS services, AWS architecture, AWS-based and cloud-based applications are what an acclaimed certification like AWS Certified Developer asks from its promising certified professionals. Once you can get through these essentials, you’ll have this certification working on your favor. This credential will allow you to get the annual salary that ranges from $66,040 to $123,148.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Another certification that is at a premium for many practitioners in cybersecurity is the vendor-neutral CISSP. Coming from the esteemed International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or shortly known as (ISC)², this credential is already widely and highly regarded in the scope of IT. It’s the best option for experienced IT managers and practitioners. CISSP is undoubtedly one of the most popular and valued IT certifications, that help you build a bright career of Security analyst/manager/architect, Network architect, Chief Information Officer, among many. With this credential, your annual salary can be around $109,000.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

One of ISACA’s sought-after and high-earning certifications is CISM. With this credential, IT professionals have an income advantage as they also expertly do so in information security management. Ideally, a professional holding CISM certification has his or her priority laying on the information security of an enterprise. This credential puts a highlight on demonstrating certified professionals’ management skills as well as other applying important practices essential in information security. CISM certified professionals usually earn about $123,000 per annum.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Another ISACA-produced certification is last but not the least of this year’s top 9 high-paying list. CRISC is no doubt best in training the risk management skills of IT professionals. It is regarded as the standard certification for candidates who want to prove their potential in understanding and responding to different business risks. The average salary of CRISC certified professional is currently $120,000 yearly.

How Examsnap can help you with your certification

To smartly prepare for the certification exams, Examsnap offers useful mediums that will help you learn faster and better. Earning these certifications is a by-product of continuous studying and practicing through a scale of different learning materials. Examsnap, among many others, provides a set of practice questions and answers for each of these credentials that you wish to pursue. Besides, other materials like training courses along with a comprehensive study guide of the corresponding exam are also offered. Moreover, at Examsnap you’ll find a wide variety of articles on how to pass your certification exam successfully. Thus, this online portal is a valuable place to check.


Knowing the top IT certifications of the year 2019, it’s easy to decide which one to gain. Examsnap’s usefulness in preparing for a big-time certification such as the ones listed above is always around the clock. Pour all your attention in pursuing your chosen credential with trusted study resources like Examsnap. Take aim, study, pass, and let your high-demand certification take care of your salary!


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